Principal's Welcome Letter:

Dear Students:

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Program of Studies. This is where you will find descriptions, policy guidelines, graduation requirements, grading procedures, NCAA eligibility requirements and summer school information.

Planning is an important part of a successful high school experience. There are many pathways you can choose and at times it can feel overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly review this booklet and discuss your options with your parents, teachers, and school counselor. Discuss where you want to be next year and by the end of your senior year. 

Hall High’s core values and beliefs include high expectations. Students who are willing to push themselves to work hard in the classroom and to take rigorous courses will be better prepared for any educational career or life choices they pursue after graduation. You should reflect on your goals and determine which courses will best put you in position to meet your post-graduation aspirations.

Your high school experience should not only be about your academic courses. It is important to take advantage of the numerous Hall High co-curricular activities. These activities create social opportunities, cultivate your interests, strengths and abilities as well as provide leadership opportunities.

We encourage you to use our website to collect more information about all the wonderful opportunities at Hall. Our staff is committed to giving you the resources and support needed to be successful during your time at Hall.


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Dan Zittoun

Course Selection Steps

Beginning Monday, January 31, 2022 and ending Monday, February 14, 2022, students should log into their Power School portal to view teacher course recommendations and make their course choices for the upcoming school year.

Students should consult with their teachers and parents while making their selections. All students will be meeting with their counselors throughout the upcoming quarter to review and finalize their choices. Please help us complete step one of this process by making your initial selections online by Monday, February 14, 2022.

  • Step 1 - view the instructional video (below) or read the Course Requests Instructions
  • Step 2 - if you desire, print a POS Lite and a grade-specific planning worksheet (both below) to map out your courses and credits. In addition, the "Connecting Your Courses to Your Career Pathway" link can also be printed for your reference.  
  • Step 3 - log into your Power School portal, select and submit your course choices (electronic access is available in school buildings if needed)
  • Important Note - WHPS is an open choice district. While we strongly recommend selections match teacher recommendations, students may choose their own program of study. Please discuss your choices intently with your teachers, parents, and counselor in these situations.

Step 1: PowerSchool Video Tutorial

Play the video tutorial below to see the process for registering for courses in PowerSchool.

Step 3: Link to PowerSchool Login