The Mastery Experience (ME) is a one-credit required learning opportunity students earn by engaging in the exploration of a topic that is personally meaningful. 

Students can earn the ME credit through one of three pathways:

When do students complete the ME credit?

Students complete the ME credit during their sophomore, junior, or first semester senior year. 

What do students try to “master”?

Students demonstrate mastery of the West Hartford Public School’s Vision of the Graduate. This vision outlines four attitudes and disposition and four academic skills students should master by the time they graduate. To demonstrate mastery, students engage in a meaningful independent learning experience, document their process, and reflect on the elements in the Vision of the Graduate.

What is the Vision of the Graduate?

The Vision of the Graduate articulates the community’s and school district’s aspirations for each student. By outlining the specific attitudes, dispositions and skills, the Vision of the Graduate identifies desired outcomes for students who graduate from the West Hartford Public Schools.

How will students learn about the ME credit?

During the student’s freshman year, school staff will explain the program during Freshman Seminar, Community, grade level meetings, and course selection meetings. Print and electronic publications detailing the program are available to students and parents. 

ME Seminar Course Syllabus

If you have any questions, please contact your school counselor. 

The addition of a ME credit is a part of the State of Connecticut’s new high school graduation requirements. This law, Public Act 17-20, “An Act Concerning Revisions to the High School Graduation Requirements” applies to students in the class of 2023 and thereafter.