Wellness Education supports students in enhancing their capacity for academic and personal success by emphasizing physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, occupational, environmental, social and spiritual wellbeing.  This will be accomplished through providing comprehensive physical and health education concepts and standards.  Wellness Education integrates physical health with mental and psychological well-being

The physical education component of wellness courses is based on helping students develop healthy, active lifestyles by experiencing a balance of activities in a positive, responsible, and cooperative environment. The program is designed for students to engage in  lifelong activities that leads to being physically literate individuals. These activities include the movement areas of dance, fitness, adventure/cooperative education sports and games. It is through these experiences that we address the diverse needs of our students in the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive domains.

Health education connection offers a foundation of functional health information and skills so that students become health literate. The dynamic nature of wellness requires that our curriculum focuses on critical health skills, such as communication, decision-making, goal-setting, advocacy, self-management, analyzing influences, and accessing information.

Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11 & 12

Full Year Course:

  • Wellness  9       .5 credit


Full Year Course:

  • Wellness  10   .5 credit

To meet Wellness graduation requirements, between junior and senior years, students must complete four semesters of Wellness elective courses.  Each semester completed is .25 credits earned towards the 1.0 needed in students junior and senior years.

  • Personal Fitness & Nutrition
  • Lifetime Activities & Sustainable Living
  • Team Sport & Leadership Concepts and Strategies
  • Cooperative Physical & Health Education Strategies
  • Group and Personal Wellbeing
  • Exploration of Peer & Personal Safety
  • Transitioning Beyond High School



*Students in the class of  2022 are required to complete 1.75 credits of PE and Health for graduation. These credits must include: 1.5 in PE and .25 of Health.

**Students in the class of 2023 and 2024 are required to complete 2.0 credits of Wellness courses to meet the graduation requirements.  The designation will be a total of 1.0 credits from Wellness 9 and Wellness 10.  Students will then earn 1.0 credits through Wellness elective course options in their junior and senior years.

Medical Excuses 
All students are expected to attend and participate in Wellness classes. We recognize that during the course of the year, a student may become sick or injured. A student with an acute illness or injury (upper respiratory infection, sprained ankle, etc.) should present a note from his/her physician to the nurse. Excuses from Wellness class are valid from the time the doctor's note is received by the school nurse and only for the time period stipulated by the doctor. Retroactive excuses are not acceptable unless immediately following a school absence covered by the doctor's note.

Medical Exemptions
There may be a time in a student's career when, because of chronic illness or injury, a medical exemption from Wellness Education class is requested. The parent/guardian should follow the process outlined below to request an exemption.

  1. The student will contact the school nurse, inform her of the need for exemption, and obtain the required medical form.
  2. The parent/guardian will mail the medical form to the student's physician. The doctor must clearly indicate on the form the types of physical activities in which the child can participate (mild, moderate, vigorous, or full exemption).
  3. The physician will specify the length of the exemption or modification in the student's Wellness Education program.
  4. The school nurse will inform the Wellness Education teacher and the counselor of record of the desired exemption.
  5. In the event that adjustments must be made in a student's schedule and program, the adjustments will be made through the school counselor who will notify the Wellness Education teacher.