All students are encouraged to participate in the interscholastic program. Twenty nine varsity sports are offered with numerous opportunities for sub varsity experiences. Both boys' and girls' teams compete in the Western Division of the Central Connecticut Conference. Students should note that participation in sports is not to be considered as a replacement for the regularly scheduled physical education program.

Athletic Team Eligibility

Student eligibility on High School athletic teams is controlled by the rules of eligibility adopted by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference.

You are NOT eligible:

  1. If you are not taking at least four units of work.
  2. If you have not passed at least four units at the end of the last marking period.
  3. If you have reached your 20th birthday. A student-athlete will not be allowed to start a season or compete during a season in which his/her twentieth birthday falls.
  4. If you have changed schools without a change of residence (for a period of 365 days in a sport).
    • If you transfer from one member school to another in grades 10-12 without a corresponding change of legal address you may be subject to a 50% sit out in your first varsity sport you played at your previous school that you may wish to play at your new school. Check with your athletic director to see if this rule will apply to your transfer.
  5. If you play or practice with an outside team in the same sport while a member of the school team.
  6. If you play under an assumed name on an outside team.
  7. If you receive payment for participation in any athletic activity.

Eight Semester Rule: A student has eight (8) consecutive semesters or four (4) consecutive years of eligibility from the date of initial entry into the ninth grade to be eligible for interscholastic competition. Students who are not eligible or elect to not participate do not preserve additional semesters for use at a later time. There is no fifth year of eligibility per se.